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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Day !!

Let's see, my oldest daughter was part of Senior day at the Thanksgiving Football game for the Cheerleaders and Football players. We had to make 3 Senior Posters.  My younger daughter Kendall had to make her sisters and Josh's, and Bailey had to do one for Andy.  Included are pictures of their posters.  I think they did a GREAT job.

LOL, Maybe too good of a job because apparently the Cheerleading Coach has asked Kendall if we could cut out all of the letters for the posters for Senior Night for Basketball (or is it Wrestling?).  Not sure she cheers year round, I get lost!!  I told them not to wait until a week before to give me the list of names because if they want them the same as we made we did 3 layers and that is a lot of cutting!! It's hard to see the letters on the boys are Green, Silver and Black, and Bailey's is Silver with Zebra stripe on top and the BOOP in the middle is the blue zebra over Silver. She loves Zebra print!

Other projects that were completed in November by my one daughter was her Wall Clock and an Inspirational Quote.  She chose not to put pictures on her clock.  Her room is lime green with orange and yellow accents so she chose a green paper with a cute saying on it.  She loves her new clock and can't wait to take it to college in 2013!  She is still looking for the "perfect" embellishments for her Quote.  LOL \


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