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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Had my Surgery...........

I had my surgery on my foot yesterday, March 1st and I am unable to go to my craft room because it is downstairs. :(  I am however going to have my daughter bring up some pictures to go through and organize and I am going to bring up the crafter's companion and put the dvd in and see if I can try to learn how to make the thicker envelopes for pop up cards.  She goes sooooooooooo fast!!!! 
I tried when I first got it to make a few boxes and they didn't look as crisp and professional as hers. I do believe I will be able to make the bows that she makes though!! 

So my projects will be a little slowed down for a few weeks :(  Hopefully will be back posting projects in about 7 days or so!! 

I am editing this to add the Explosion Box that I made from my Crafter's Companion.  Now, please ignore the colors because I was using "practice paper".  You know how that goes, the paper that is leftover.  

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