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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

National Craft Month

Well it is that time again.  March Madness for Crafters! 

The new Circle Magazine is out and it is amazing.  The designers put so much in this issue that I can't wait to print it out and use some of their tips and tricks. 

I have added to my Imagine Cartridge Collection since the prices are going up I am so glad that I got mine for average $18.  My lowest was $10 and highest was $26.  I have Kate's Kitchen, Yummy, Imagine More Art, Imagine More Cards, Nursery Tails, Best Friends, Better Together, Audrey, Elise, Blossom, Country Carnival, Mr. Frosty, Snow Angel, Snapshot Nature !! I had Blast Off and sold it before I even opened it.  It really didn't appeal to me. The only ones I am thinking of getting at this point are Hopscotch and Berries and Cream.  

I have also added a few regular carts since January: Nate's ABC's, Boys will be Boys, Sports Mania, Lite Savory, Life's a Beach, Sweet Treats, Straight from the Nest and StoryBook. 

I didn't buy anything for craft month except for the ink at HSN that was only $19.99 for the color or the black, but those are necessities!! And I did get the YourStoryPhoto-- which was cheaper than buying the refills for the YourStory.

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