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Monday, May 5, 2014

Awesome Explosion Box !

Happy Sunday! 

Today I went to CT to hang out with some friends at and take an explosion box class taught by Sue at Treasured Memories.  She is amazing!  Her store is located in Watertown, CT and I highly recommend checking her out. The store will start doing online challenges in about a month.  Can't wait!  

This is my amazing finished product!  Love, love, love!

NSD 2014 --I did a few challenges so far !

It was so nice not to work this NSD day!  I enjoyed being on the board and taking challenges.  It was a very nice day in RI and that made it hard to stay inside crafting.  

I did a Sing-A-Song challenge and I made an Olaf card for my Daughter.  I will add a recorded button with Olaf singing his snowman in summer song.  
Next was a Make-Mine-A-Mini !  You were to watch a Youtube video on making a one page mini album and then create one yourself.  This was awesome!  

And the last challenge I have completed.  Make something inspired by Sis's mini-album, either the beach or the way it was made...etc.  I chose try to make an album with the hidden hinge system.  

I used chipboard for the bookbinder, book pages and front and back covers.  The pages are back to back pages making them very thick and sturdy.   I have not embellished much as this project is not for anyone-- yet!  
This is the hidden binder

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Swap on Circle Board 2014

I did the Easter Swap again this year..... and it was a little rushed but I still managed to make what I think is an awesome basket.  I had a round box I had been saving to make something with and some paper that I had been hoarding!  I decided to use them and make this her "basket"  I also made her an Egg that came out a little "odd" and a Beautiful tag that I did not get pictures of :(    I stuffed her basket below with little stuff and candy.  She also received a RI Tshirt, 2 pack of Cricut Mats, 3 packs of cricut vinyl, Tacky Tape, pop dots round and square.  I love the way the "basket" turned out.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside of the basket

This is the basket that I received from my partner JoJoy! 
Can't wait to make the Tim Holtz clock and try out the Ribbon Sealer!  


I did a Book Swap on the Cricut Circle Board........

What a great swap!  I had fun dipping my toes back into the message board swaps.  I missed being with the gals, but the time was well spent with my daughter.  

Here are some pics of the swap I was in:  I made a tag and a stuffed butterfly pin holder for the stickpins.  I do not sew well, but I like to try.
I received this amazing box from my partner ABrennick: 
I told her I like Dragonflies and she made this!  Isn't it stunning!  I love the use of paper and the colors the style fits my house so well.  


Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow, It's already July !

Well I did get to be crafty yesterday!  Out of the deck while the humidity swirled around me I organized 200 pictures from our trip to Cozumel, Mexico a few weeks ago. 

We had a blast and I loved the resort and the people that worked there.  My husband and I did the Pantera Jeep Tour and I drove the broken down 5 speed Jeep around the Island !! It was so much fun.  We went shopping with the kids a couple of times in San Miguel, Downtown Cozumel, went parasailing, jetskiing and of course snorkeling!! 

I am having a Hawaiian Luau Themed craft day at my  house on the 27th and I will hope to add the finishing touches and some cricut to my album.  With 200 pictures I did not use scrapbook pages but I will add scrapbook embellishments and journaling to the pages to make it a little more crafty!  I have to do my smashbook pages also with my paper memorabilia from the trip.  :) 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I had joked around..........

I had joked around with Nadia that my December 1st page for the December Daily would be reminiscent of Bob Barker and The Price is Right...... what I was hinting at was that everyone in the audience would hope and pray they would be picked, BUT if they were picked they would all cross their fingers that they would here him say................

You have a Chance to win-- A NEW CAR.............

Well......I didn't get to go on the Price is Right and win a new car but I did pick him up December 1st !! 

For those that know me personally I know you are very excited for me and that I will not be driving my 1986 Toyota Cressida anymore!  Not that I didn't love the car, but it was time to move on from the fix and repair scene!  You see we paid off our Van 2 years ago and I didn't want another car payment until my Jeep was paid off so I gave the Jeep to my husband to drive, we sold the minivan and I drove the 1986 Toyota his brother had bought brand new in 1986 to not have another car payment.  The Jeep's final payment is in January and the car's first payment is in January so it's out with the 1 and in with the next........... I wanted a 2011 Hyundai Elantra with Nav, but the rates for new are lower than used :(  I was buying the RIO and my husband threw a fit it was too small so I ended up with a 2013 Optima with UVO, Satellite Radio and some other cool options.  I would really have liked the RIO with the better gas mileage but this is like driving a cloud!  I need a better picture though!!!  
 It says Hello and Goodbye!!
              I love the Bluetooth for the phone!  It's crystal clear and a lot of fun to catch up with my long distance family on my way home........