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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I played around last night with the Vagabond and made a few tags for the girls to put in their Smashbooks.  I need to get pictures of the others--but I do have this one to post tonight!  

Recipe:  Kind of Obvious-- 
Bingo Embossing Folder by Sizzix
Concord Grape, Marmalade, Antique Photo Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Perfect Pearls purple
Organza Ribbon in Brown
Purple ribbon from an HSN Kit purchase 6 years ago!  
Recollections Bling
Handcut flowerish thing


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amazingly Happy !!

I am thrilled with my newest deal!!  I am a bargain shopper and I love a great deal.  To spare the long details...lets just say I went into A.C Moore last Thursday to buy tape & blades for a crop I was having and I saw "him"-- Mr. Vagabond perched on a high shelf.  I did not take the plunge at that moment but rather 4 days later!  I was shocked it was still there, but then again I seldom look up and I assume most other shoppers are the same way.  

I had bought the cricut cake mini for Christmas because I just had to have it.... well she sits unopened and unused along with the toolkit so I have decided to sell her and keep Mr. Vagabond.  I am so tempted to "flip" him into cash but then I will just regret what I had and sold!  I am meeting her on Wednesday to sell the Cake and even after Mr. Vagabond I will be $40.00 to the positive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had a little fun playing with my Smashbook the other night with my daughter.  We were both going through our stashes of stuff that we wanted to Smash.  The hardest part was deciding on if this was going to be of my past or for the present. I decided it would start in October of 2011 since I vacationed with my family for the first time since I was a child!

My favorite parts so far......... I love, love, love the tags I made.  The one is double sided self adhesive chipboard with the words cut out of the hat I got from Krispy Kreme at Mohegan Sun the other night.  I inked it, added a little glitter and used a paperclip to hang it in the page and the other is a tag made with Tim Holtz's embossing folder BINGO that is distressed, glimmer misted and perfect pearled! 

I'm working on a transparency page to add in between some other pages I am working on.  I am not sure how I am going to insert it yet--but it's fun experimenting! 

I really think a Smashbook would be the perfect Recipe book for my kids for when they move out because I could make the recipe cards with Kates Kitchen or From My Kitchen and use the pockets/make pockets to tuck the recipes in after I laminate them.  The Smashbooks are meant to get "aged" and messy looking and I think it would be eclectic looking for them.  A lot of stores  have them for $6.50 right now and I am pretty sure I just talked myself into this idea!!  I am in a recipe swap right now and since it's a 6x6 swap I believe they would fit nicely in a Smashbook!

A little Help from a Friend!

Ahhh, Liz V posted on the board about the Creative station she found at J's for $34.97 and I checked out the picture and thought--wow that's a great deal!  I have been wondering what to spend my $20 gift card from Kelsey on at J's and heck that made it $18.00 with tax!  Even better.

I grabbed one on my lunch break with my co-worker who also got one for her sewing station!

I had a doctor appt and then came home around 7:00 ish to an empty house.  I just couldn't let it sit in the car so I slid it out and "walked" it to the door and "walked" it up two steps into the kitchen--it weighs 88 lbs so lifting was out of the question.  I took the pieces out of the box upstairs and carried them downstairs and laid them out for assembly.  Step 1 was easy, Step 2 was a little challenging on my own but nothing I couldn't handle! The rest was a piece of cake.

I was going to put it on wheels for my girls so they could store their stuff on it--(was)--but then after measuring it I realized it would fit perfect in my craft room if hubby removed the shelf he made that I never really finished.  So he is going to take that shelf down this Thursday and I will move it in there.  He did come home as I was doing my drawers and I asked him to cut a piece of 3 inch plywood to add the wheels to, but then I decided to nix that and I had him cut the wood down a little more to put inside end to end to stop the sway.  I am also going to sturdy up the drawers with some trim wood from another project.  I am super excited for the price I paid for this--it is not worth in my opinion the $199.00 price tag but I would say easily worth $69.99.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Project for Michael's Classes in Jan & Feb

Getting ready for Valentine's Day!  I am not a huge Valentines person in that I do not need to be wined and dined nor do I need flowers on one particular day of the year.  But I do think it's a cute day for young kids and teens.  I'm very happy with how this turned out and since it's all my own materials and not materials that were store used to me, I might just keep this one for my daughter and her boyfriend and make another similar for class.  She did keep it!!

In the class we do not use the chipboard and I did use chipboard for the front and back cover of this particular album.  I really like the way the chipboard adds to the album's sturdiness!  I do love making these mini-albums as they are instant gratification!  I hope you enjoy the pictures! 


Second Album:  This will be display!