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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wow! These books are super nice and the paper they use is amazing. It is so nice and thick and sturdy! They came today at work and I showed my co-worker who fell in love with the Lime Green one! I got Orange and Lime and I must say the Lime is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I am a bit sad about the lack of coolness to the papers in the Orange one... bummer.

I got a ton of accessories and can't wait to play the You-Tube video for my daughters and give them their stash to do what they want with them. My one daughter is heading to College and the other to 11th Grade. I think these no rules type scrapbooks are going to be so much fun for them to look back on years from now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My RI Pennant that never made the trip :(

Yes, I actually did a contest and then did not get it in the mail on time. Poo-ey. I seldom get to enter and my darn car had to break down and since I was sharing a vehicle I could not get to post office. I just found out my car is done and it has been 1 month! BUT, before this 1 month fix the week before they had it for a week for an alternator. So now after an alternator and a temperature gauge and a blown head gasket---I really hope this car earns it's keep! Poor thing sat for 7 years not being driven so this will happen.

Two Cards for my Cousins!

I actually have a third card, but forgot to take a picture of it!! Silly me.
I just got some cool new Tim Holtz distress stamps. I think I have every color now.

I also broke down and ordered two Smashbooks. Yes, I know I could make my own but I really loved the Lime Green and Orange ones. I am giving the Lime Green to my daughter. I ordered a ton of the supplies in duplicate and I will show her the video on them to give her ideas. But what better way to track her 11th grade year in school. I love that it's disorganized!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Trip !!

We went to NJ/ NYC for my Daughters Sweet 16. She did not want a big party for her Birthday she wanted a Cake Boss cake and a purse.

We went up Monday Aug 1st and stopped by the Bakery on our way to the hotel and it was over a 2 hour wait and after the traffic we sat it that was just too much. So we grabbed some Falafel and Rice with Taboulie and went to the hotel.

We arrived at Carlos on August 2nd at 6:05 am. We got parking directly in front of the bakery and we were second in line. We met some nice people including the Officer that guards the shop in the a.m. And the really HOT prosecutor that was about 6 ft 2 and in a nice suit. She picked out a cake from the display and we got a lobster tails and she got a cupcake. Sweatshirts were all sold out in her size. No one from the family was there. Just worker bees :(

We left there with wonderful parking advice from the prosecutor and went up one street to park on Second Street and walk to the Path to take to NYC. We arrive in Chinatown by 8:30 and it was barren. Once the shops started to open the streets started hopping a little. We made some "deals" and Kendall got the purse that she wanted for her birthday and I even managed to stumble onto a gorgeous find for myself. It was exciting and scary! We ate near Madison Square and walked down the entire Times Square area. It was a great day and by 2:00 pm she was exhausted! We headed back to the subway and to the Path to our car. Luckily traffic back home to RI was minimal and rather quick run.

Her Sweet 16 included: Of course a handmade card from me, a pandora bracelet with 4 charms Sweet16, cupcake for trip to bakery, purse for trip to NY and cheer megaphone for her sport in school, a coach purse, the trip and the cake boss cake. Her sister gave her 11 presents the day before the trip!! So she was well spoiled. My last baby, my last Sweet 16. Very sad for momma!

Kendall in front of Carlo's

Her Cupcake!! She also got a cake that we took home... Yummy!

Wearing her Pink RayBans with her coach purse on the side and sipping a colorful drink at lunch in Times Square.

The Card I made her. The inside was also done!