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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comic Relief for the Day.............

One time at band camp............. Remember the scene where Jim had the accident with the super glue?  Yeah.  Well that stuff does bond INSTANTLY to skin. My husband was renovating my scrap room to give my Imagine a permanent location and the shim kept slipping and he almost drilled my finger.  Escaping with just a blood blister I decided to get the super glue to hold the shim in place rather than my fingers.  Yeah, well the brand new tube of super glue split down the seam and instantly bonded my fingers to the tube to which I yelled "oh no I'm glued what do I do!!"  I ripped the tube off with my left hand now adding glue to those fingers and quickly spread them apart and held them up in the air so as not to glue anything else to me.  I tried Goo Gone.......does not work...then tried some gasoline....does not work.  I had to let it dry and it feels sooooooo weird :(  I have 8 glued fingertips :(   Imagine my Dismay............. I do have some new projects to add but when my fingers are less sore. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dedicated to my Cousin Wendy!!

Hello Everyone.  My cousin Wendy has joined the Cricuteers with her first Cricut machine!  She was given the Expression for Christmas by her daughter and boyfriend.  How sweet is that !!! So this quirky little video is for her because she lives in MD and I am in RI and I wanted to show her some cool stuff.  I also put together a quick and simple layout of the present opening part of Christmas.  Since she is just getting her feet wet with this stuff I didn't want to overwhelm her.  I sewed around the photo mats and used the IRock to add some flat jewels.  The white on the tree and the small present both have glossy accents on them.  In person the 2010 and present are very sparkly!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Stocking Bling !!

Ok, so I thought it was really cool to get this package.  It also came with a cute little Apron that says IRock on it but I don't know when or why I would wear it??? Maybe I will bling it up and use it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bye Bye Christmas!!

Another Christmas has come and gone and along with it my Daughter turned 18 on Christmas.  I made her a card with a little pocket to hold the "free Bingo pass" that I made for her.  We live in RI but on the border of CT so we are only about 12 miles from Foxwoods casino.  They have a great high stakes bingo hall that is a lot of fun.  You can play regular bingo or video bingo or a combo of both!! I usually do both.  You must be 18 to play.  We had a blizzard here Sunday the 12/26 and it is still snowing so Bingo was closed yesterday and might be closed again today.This is not your grandmas bingo either......18-90 go to play and everyone has a great time.  I hope she wins even if just a little because it would be exciting for her.

OK to the good stuff........this is the card that I made her. I used Cindy Loo for the decorative background colored in with a pattern from Nursery Tales Imagine behind the girl who is cut from Best Friends Imagine. I did layer and pop dot the girl.  Inside I used my cuttlebug folders for Happy Birthday.  The Bingo pass is a tag from Tags Bags and Boxes and the glitter letters are BaseCamp.  The inside shape is included in the Imagine machine and is filled with a pattern from Nursery Tales or Imagine More Art.  It was actually a scrap I used from another project and I don't remember exactly which fill I used.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's the Hap, Happiest time of the Year...........

It's almost Christmas......I did find the challenge I created the project for, it is the Circle Monthly Challenge for December.  I  knew I needed a red ribbon for a reason!! I did 3 gift tags and settled on this one.  It too is made from Jolly Holidays with the exception of the stamped saying.  That is one of those $1 bin stamps they have everywhere.  I have had a few requests for similar frames as the one for the challenge that will be a present for my mom (shhh).  She doesn't follow my blog, or scrap or make cards so I am pretty safe posting it here. 

I am hoping to get the next picture done by.....Sunday night, so check back because I have already sketched it--and if it turns out as sketched it's going to be pretty cool.  Time will tell.  

Thank you for all the great comments.  You really keep me motivated!! I am so busy with the two jobs and my kids activities that I am not a daily blogger, but I am going to try to do at least one post a week with a project of some sort.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

December, Almost the end of 2010

I am sure a lot of you went to WM for the BF special on the Lites.  I was in line at 10 p.m. to get the laptop and a few other goodies.  I did get the laptop and gave it to my friend to buy for her son because I just couldn't justify everything I had already spent money on and that....She did buy me breakfast to make up for  my total lack of sleep while she was warm and dry in her bed. Well, I did NOT get the Jolly Holidays on BF even though I had it in my hands.  I decided against it.  And then I went back on Saturday and purchased it for the $25 instead of $20.  I do get a 10% discount so that kinda made up for it?  Yeah, not really.  So usually I get a new cart and do nothing with it for a long time and then after making myself feel guilty about not using it I try to find something to do.  WELL, not this time!! I started and completed a Home Decor project tonight.  I think it is for a challenge but cannot find the one that it fits. 

I am not a designer and sometimes my head spins in circles when I go to the designers gorgeous blogs to see their projects and the list of Ingredients is 25 long and 4-5 carts mostly for one cut here and one cut there.  Perhaps I should be the Thrifty One Cart Wonder Blogger!!  LOL.

So here it is..........and I LOVE IT !!  This is completely done with Jolly Holidays and Bazzill cardstock except for the background paper and you will have to forgive me it was in my bin of paper I have had for a long time and I do not know the designer.  I used Diamond Stickles to add the sparkle and a red grossgrain ribbon from J's on the frame which is recycled from my Give Thanks home decor.  The frame came from Walmart and was $3.  It is very dimensional which is hard to tell on the photo but in person it pops out of the frame.  I wish the photos did not take away from the colors, the gray house looks dull in the photo.