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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's the Hap, Happiest time of the Year...........

It's almost Christmas......I did find the challenge I created the project for, it is the Circle Monthly Challenge for December.  I  knew I needed a red ribbon for a reason!! I did 3 gift tags and settled on this one.  It too is made from Jolly Holidays with the exception of the stamped saying.  That is one of those $1 bin stamps they have everywhere.  I have had a few requests for similar frames as the one for the challenge that will be a present for my mom (shhh).  She doesn't follow my blog, or scrap or make cards so I am pretty safe posting it here. 

I am hoping to get the next picture done by.....Sunday night, so check back because I have already sketched it--and if it turns out as sketched it's going to be pretty cool.  Time will tell.  

Thank you for all the great comments.  You really keep me motivated!! I am so busy with the two jobs and my kids activities that I am not a daily blogger, but I am going to try to do at least one post a week with a project of some sort.


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