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Monday, October 9, 2017

Salisbury Beach Hoot N Howl Vintage Rally

 Just got back from a great weekend at Salisbury Beach MA camping.  We had amazing weather, especially for this time of the year.  Shorts and T-shirts with a beautiful harvest moon and a warm breeze at night. 

Unfortunately our little hurricane rescue Chihuahua passed away from a brain tumor on September 5th and I was dreading going camping without her.  Thankfully a beautiful blessing came into my life the day I was leaving for the camping trip.  I delayed leaving waiting for my daughter--who drove all night to pick him up in PA and bring him home (thank you Baby!), made it to the house with him.  He was covered in urine and dirty, but went straight into the tub without a single fuss! 

All cleaned up! 
His name is Marlon, he is supposed to be a mini-goldendoodle; but whatever he is, is fine with me!  Mini, huge, mutt-- no worries.  Unconditional love comes in all sizes!  Dogs are great for anxiety :)

Getting ready for Bed
Play hard/Sleep hard: Puppy Motto

Here are some pictures of the Star Motel decorated in her new Halloween Theme!  I love, love, love the fabric!  Also pictures of some of the other campers at the Rally. 

All Fabric from JoAnn F