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Friday, November 2, 2012

Wild & Crazy Bead Swap 2

Hard to believe another Swap is Over!   I am in the process of mailing out packages....the hardest part!!! I have checked and double checked every package and did all the sorting myself this time to ensure no mistakes <cross fingers>!

I have a ton of pictures to post!  Check back in a day or so to see some Sneak Peeks and the sorting process!! Plus some gorgeous gifts I received.... seriously you should not have ladies....but oh my they are amazing and wonderful!  I am constantly amazed at the talent level.

I had a group called 'Whales' and the purpose was to give people free reign to be in a swap and yet totally individually creative.  The only rule was it had to contain beads.  Wow! How cool this swap ended.  The group had 12 people and they are going to get back 11 unique items!  I really love this idea of "free reign" and will definitely host and be in another swap like this....but not until 2013!! :)