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Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Little Vintage 1966 White Star Camper

     This is my baby.  I fell in love when I saw the ad online and pulled it up everyday for two weeks until I finally was able to go look at him!  I showed my kids the picture and said "this is going to be your baby brother!" And they thought I was crazy.  White "Star" that has to be a good omen for my love of stars.

     Finally the day came I was able to go pick him up, I crossed my fingers and texted the owner to see if he was still available.  Holding my breath for almost an hour until I got the reply "yes".  A man of few words.  Me "Can I come tonight?" Him: "It's not a good night."  Me- heartbroken "Can I come tomorrow at 9 am?" Him "yes".  Me "I will be there." Off the phone and practically doing cartwheels.  I could barely sleep that night. 

     I woke up and drove the 2 hours and 45 minutes to finally pull down the driveway to see him.  And there he was-- or so I thought.  I get out and walk over and SHE is Tiffany Blue and definitely female.  I thought from the picture online she was baby blue, but no, no, no the beautiful Tiffany Blue was shining through.  

     I knew she was coming home, I had the cash and wasn't going to argue the price.  In the end I offered him $100 less than his asking price (although I found the original ad he purchased her for $500 less than his asking, but hey everyone deserves to make a profit).  I told him I would send him pictures of her progress and he said "please don't, my wife is the one that wants the camper gone, I am heartbroken." I wanted to cry for him.  

     She didn't have any working lights so I paid for her and then went to buy some magnetic lights.  On my way to the store I went passed an RV repair shop with vintage trailers in the parking lot.  I stopped in to see if they sell them or do work and luckily they do both!  I asked how long he would be open because I needed to get tires and the bearings repacked.  

     An hour or so later I was back with the lights and connected them up and hitched her to the back of the Jeep Overland (v8Hemi).  She had two different size tires and was very crooked.  I am pretty fearless and I was white knuckling it down the New Hampshire curvy roads to get to the RV dealership.  There was no way I was making it home on the highway with her riding crooked, not to mention I did not like the dry rot I saw on the tires.  

     PSA- please do not pull campers long distances until you get your tires, frame, springs and bearings checked!!  No matter how badly you want to get your camper home.  Many dealerships do courtesy checks once a year.  

     I made it to the RV Dealer and he came out to see her.  He was as excited as I was. We priced out some tires, rims, bearings, labor--$475 later I was out the door without her.  It was like the best Christmas Day & worst Christmas Day all rolled into one.  You know that get the toy you had been waiting for and it needs batteries that you don't have.  When I was a kid we lived in the country and you were not getting batteries until Dad went back to work January 2nd.  You had to stare at the toy for 9 days.  Anyway, leaving without her behind me was heartbreaking, even though I know it was the right thing to do. 

     It's been two weeks, and she has her tires, rims, bearings, a new crank and wheel, a new lock on the door, a new roof vent, roof has been checked and sealed, the inside roof area where vent leaked has been fixed. The ugly added bar has been taken off, holes sealed and a track for a bag awning added.  The electric has been tested and is safe! None of her windows were cracked when I bought her and 3 have small cracks on them now. :(  

     I just sold my pop-up and have more money to put into repairs.  Hoping to get her back in a week or so to start cleaning up the interior.

Meet 'Star' a 1966 White Star Galaxy Camper

I kept the original interior hardware and fixed and sealed exterior dome

love the handle to get in the door!! 

jalousie, love, love

1960's light fixture and the porcelain sink does not have a scratch on it, or rust stains.  Stove looks great also.

The light in the middle is electric and has an outlet in it, one of the only two outlets in the camper.  Gas light over the tab