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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dinette Spare Bed

Set up my Dinette to see how it works as a bed. The table is a little higher on left causing a hump. I will need to take off the wood bar and lower it. :)

Isn't it so nice and cozy!! Not the easiest beds to make!! Need a TwinXL Matrress covwr.  I bought a waterproof, padded twin.

I also installed a backsplash this week, I had been holding off to find the "right" one.  I came across the new Speed Tiles at Home Depot and fell in Love!! I haven't finished the decorative wood frame to go around it yet to pretty it up.  So easy to install!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good Day/Bad Day

Always good to see Paul and Monica! He gets so excited over working on vintage campers.

Lights look awesome!! Will post pics once home.  He did such an amazing job.

Got there and had a minor window leak from front window.  He tried a "fix" will know when we get home as rain the whole way. ***Update-- window now leaks on both sides 😕😓

The new double sway bar hitch is amazing!! Looks intimidating but, wow, what a difference. Star is rolling happy!!

The fridge... <moment of silence> ...died.  I refuse to give up on it.  I will search out someone that still tinkers in the old.

If you need work or maintenance done on your campers... look up:
                        Big Daddy's RV
              15 Main street, Winchester, NH.
             Tell them Sherry & Star sent you!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Star is on her way to get her lights and a fancy sway bar hitch!! She is towing much better with the weight of the bed and cushions added back in!

If you get a vintage camper just remember the furntiure is part of the integrity of the camper!! The people that gut and have them sitting dormant for garden houses do not need to worry.  If you are camping and towing, you need all the cabinets, closet, dinette and bunk!!

I was really hoping to get the back bumper changed out and the hitch and bumper powder coated...but money, money, money!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


I am so excited to finally start putting in some "homey" touches.  I am at the beginning of the process but need to post some pictures because I am so excited. 💙😜💚😊💛😍💜

Not sure why they post with wavy lines...
These are my new cushions!!  They look better in person.  They are sunbrella fabric so they will last "forever." I am so in love!  I wanted to make the cushions neutral so I can change the curtains with the holiday and seasons.  The pillows in the pictures are two sided.  Gray & white chevron on one side and teal on the other.  I'm going to iron some camper slogans on the pillows to make them cozier. 

My dining table.  1950's Flamingo Pyrex on the table!

A beautiful vintage tray, utensils and pyrex of course!
Can't forget my dog!  This is a super thick and comfy rug under the table. At night I can pull it out for her to have a super soft bed next to my bed 😘

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Almost time to go Camping!

It is always exciting when you can see the "end." Although we all know you are never really "done" with a vintage camper as they always need tweaking.  But I am close to being ready for the maiden camping voyage!

Repaired the crack in this window!

       Looking through the window to the bed.  Used a pocket hole jig to make nice sturdy bed.
Tons of support and great storage! (still in process here)

Bed finished, side pieces for cell phones and such covered
in fake leather for texture and looks.  Anti-fatigue mats
over the oak plywood for comfort and mattress protection.

                             The door rebuilt!  Foam insulated and a nice one-
                              piece construction for aesthetics.  Screening
                               fresh !

Oh I had to take a pick with it looking somewhat decorated!! You know how it is ladies.  You just start getting excited to see how all the "stuff" you have collected will look.

I made the elephant curtains, but I am also in the process of making vintage curtains.  These are the fun curtains.

The pink bedspread is from the 1950's and way to big~ a lot of tucking involved.

Monday, April 10, 2017

One set of Curtains are finished!  The Elephant Curtains.  I wanted to wait until I picked the upholstery for the cushions to make a decision for the "vintage curtains."  I will start out this camping season with the Elephants.

I found some AWESOME throw pillows to add some camper sayings too and also an Elephant pillow.

I will drop off my 1950's bedspread I bought at the Antique Market this weekend to be cleaned in anticipation of the bed being done this week in the camper.  I found some great vintage rose sheets a few weeks back at an estate sale!

I have three wooden box plaques that I will be adding sayings to for decorations and some cool vintage items to hang on the wall.  Everything is coming together nicely.

Yes, I could paint the walls, and have a "Glamper" and everything would look fresh and new...but I want to work with the natural wood for a while before deciding to paint over it all. I would like to retain the 1960's charm.  I love the way the inside "glows" when inside at night with the light lit.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Working, working, working!!

Star will be going back to Big Daddy's the week of the 25th for her sway bar attachment and her lights to be connected!!

 I have picked out the material and paid half for the dining cushions. They are due to be done by the end of April.

I put the foam in the door today and cut the new door panel out.

I am also sanding all of the window sills.  Not sure if I will stain or leave raw for the time being. I really like the look of the raw wood. Maybe a nice coat of Poly to protect the wood!

Building the bed is coming along slowly but surely!! The pocket jig hole maker has been

My first camping trip with other vintage campers is May 2-4th!!  So much still to do.

I replaced one of the broken windows.....boy was that a CHORE!!  I wanted to put new weatherstripping around it but could not find any, luckily I had not thrown out the old stripping.  I have 3 more cracked windows but they will have to wait until I can check into the stripping!!  

All of my new window rain rubber rain guards are replaced!  Easy Peasy!!  Took all of about 15 minutes.  :) 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heidi Swap Mini Light Box

I had some fun making transparencies for my light box.  It's so easy and puts to use transparencies that have been lying around for years. Please leave a comment and if you have a blog leave your address in your comment and I will visit you! 

My Dog Millie

Made the flower side border & words

Made turtle & words 

My turtle from St. Thomas

Made flower border on left

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Got some New Parts

I've been on hold building the bed.  I need the rubber moulding which is on order still along with a clutch head bit to remove the antiquated hardware on the existing bed frame.  My window dots came in along with the new window weather stripping.

My sign is coming along, varnished and now drying. Can't wait to add the lights.  I will hang a wooden lit up arrow with (No) Vacancy by chain under this sign.
 My daughter wanted me to make the banner shape sideways to be different.

Varnish is dry. Lights added.  This portion of the sign is done. 


Once the camper is repainted to the right of the front door she will say: "A Thousand Stars in the Sky, But this one is Mine. " A tribute to Kathy Young and the Innocents' song that has been in heart since I was a child.  It brings me back to being 7-10 years old living in Md and listening to my Mom and Dad's records.  She was only 15 when she recorded that song, 5 years before I was born. I have loved anything to do with stars & moons ever since.  Probably why I love camping and staring at the stars at night.  

So I need to sew some curtains...

     I don't know about you, but when I get a Michael's 60% off Coupon I have to see what I can get with it!  I love a bargain.  I've had my eye on one of these cute little light boxes for a while now.  Inspirational messages and dinner menus while camping.  LOL who am I kidding...I don't cook!!  We will stick with inspirational & funny messages.  😃😄😆

     I can never decide on curtains, whether it is for my house or for the camper.  Curtains always baffle me.  I found two 84" sets today that I can cut to make curtains for the camper.  The Elephant curtains are cute and whimsical, while the other are playful and pretty.  I bought the Elephant curtains and once I practice making curtains with these I might go back for the others.  I want to be able to change out curtains and decor throughout the year.  Why not right?  The fun is decorating.  
These I Bought ⇧
⇧ These I might go back for...

     I've been painting the outside sign, I have several layers of paint on the sign but I still need to sand to distress and add the vinyl lettering.  Hopefully I will have it done tomorrow.  :)  

Monday, January 23, 2017

Windows and Screens

More cleaning.

I finally got all of the window frames out of the camper, removed all the screens and pulled out all of the staples.

I took the inside portion of the door apart today to see what I was dealing with.  I will sturdy up the door by gluing a nice fresh piece of wood into the bottom portion of the door and nailing small pieces of wood into the door frame to keep it stable.  I am going to add insulation and cover the entire inside of the door with one continuous piece of luan using the 3 existing pieces as templates.  I want a nice clean seamless look when you open the door. Most of the time while I am camping I have the door open for easy in and out.

Next step will be to sand all of the window frames.  I cracked a couple removing them until I perfected my technique of using a scraper to go between the frame and the wall and pull gently to loosen the nails. I used wood glue on those and taped them to keep tight.  I think I might put them back on using small screws rather than nails for easier removal.

cut myself with a staple

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cuteness Overload

     I finally announced Star to my family and facebooks friends with this photo.  Not the photo I was hoping to set up and take, but a quick little dress up.  By Fall I will have an awesome photo for a Christmas Card. I love old fashioned C7 and C9 bulbs.  These are C7's with the clear bulbs.  I am looking for C9 ceramic bulbs.  I have a strand from when I was a kid, but many of the bulbs need replaced. 

Vintage Camper

Pilgrim Pines

     Went away with the girls on our annual Scrapbook retreat in NH.  Had a great weekend.
I managed to make a few projects for Star.

     I made a napkin holder (two sided)  I am working on customizing this file; for one they had the tire on the outside--no camper has tires on the outside!! they are tucked under.  I added the door frame and changed the window.  I have since slimmed the chrome of the window down to the width of the door and changed the shape of the windows to square along with adding windows to match Star. I still need to change the outside shape as this is a little more rounded about hitch.  My goal is to end up with a replica of Star.

A Reversible Banner:  For inside bunk area.

     I didn't get around to making the outside banner or lights yet, but they are on the list of many to-do's. 

     My son is looking at a 1970 16' Shasta this weekend.  It would be cool if he gets one to re-do.  Since he has more expendable income than I do, I am sure he could have his done quicker than mine will be!!  I did find someone who will re-porcelain the stovetop for $82.50! (once I can get it done)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Working on the Bunk Window frames and Screens

     Wow...what a lot of arm and finger work to shine up these window frames! It is so worth it to see them shine.  I am going to put some fresh screening in them also.  These are the only two interior windows that have this type of framing, the rest are wood--thank goodness.  But the outside will be just as fun I am sure.

Window on Bottom is Before!  
Window Frames After!!