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Monday, January 31, 2011

I got my Kate's Kitchen Cart !!

I know I am a little behind on the cartridge but I cannot allow myself to purchase them unless they are at a bargain price.  After waiting and waiting I pounced on EBay and got it at a rock bottom price with free shipping!

I wanted to use the Hot Chocolate scene because it's so cute!! I also got my Peachy Keen PK-493 Everyday Character Fact Parts today so I used them to give the cocoa cup Eyes. I used Glossy accents in various places, glittered with the ultrafine Martha glitter on the steam and used embossing powder on the stamped words! The mat blue of the design was printed on the Imagine and layered over We R Memory Keepers Kitchen Cards (I've had them for years--very retro looking.  The inside is decorated also with the Imagine paper to match. A little IRock bling and a Ribbon and this card is ready to fill out! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cricut Monthly Challenge Project for January!

For this month’s challenge we would like to see you scraplift one of the projects you have seen us present here on the blog. It can be anything! And feel free to add your own creative twist to the project. Project must be newly created for this challenge and should include the following elements to qualify.
  • Use 2 or more Cricut Cuts on the project.
  • Use a project you have seen on the Cricut Circle Blog as inspiration for your project.
  • Use products from atleast two of our Sponsors (click on the “Sponsors” along the top of the page to see a list of manufacturers).
I chose to do the project: 


The two sponsors that I chose to use were Bazzill Paper and Imaginisce IRock Tool for bling. The beautiful paper colors I chose were: Blackbird, Vibrant Blue, North Sea, Guacomole, Stonehenge, Ruby Slipper, Passionate, Piglet, African Daisy, Mexican Poppy, Turquoise, White Bazzill colored with my Imagine More Art Cartridge for Rules card. I blinged the top and side of the box and all of the Jukebox card with clear crystals.  I used glossy accents on the cards black areas, Martha Stewart ultrafine glitter on the poodles leash (what poodle would not have a sparkly leash!).  I inked a few edges.  It said to add our own twist to the project so I used the Nifty Fifties cartridge because my husband's birthday is tomorrow (card below on earlier post) and we love the fifties!  Since it is a monthly challenge I decided to use a shape for my cards.

Recipe:  Find a nice box.
I put a homemade divider in the box and then measured both insides to make the cards to fit the box. 
The cards are cut at 4 1/4 x 2 3/4
The designs on the back of the cards for matching are 2 1/2 x 3
I cut 14 Black Shadow Jukeboxes in Blackbird
I cute 14 Blue Shadow Jukebox with the Image Flipped in Blue
Glued those images back to back and trimmed any excess showing
I cut all 14 of the jukeboxes layers and used the xyron X for all the small pieces and assembled those.
I cut 2 of each of the pictures for the matching game
I then put bling on the jukebox.
I used Cindy Loo for the design on the box.  I cut the design at just under 6x6 in Yellow and in Blue.  I used  the blue on the top and only used the "tear out" throw away pieces of the yellow for the sides of the box.  I used the clear rhinestones on all 3 sides of the box and on the top.  
The top of the box has a doily in the center that is layered over pink with the words 1950s Memory game layered in yellow and red.
I love the little pocket on the inside to hold the Rules card!! It makes it more authentic to have a Rules card I believe.
I saw some people put how many "cuts" they made.  Uncountable! 

I hope you enjoy my twist on this scraplift.  I really enjoyed challenging myself to complete this!! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tweet 16 Card

My Daughter needed a card for a Sweet 16 Party and I wanted to use the Imagine so I decided to do a Tweet 16 Card.  Kendall helped with the design of the card and she is going to add some pictures of her and her friend to the inside of the card so it's a little bland now for this upload to keep her friends photos private.

I love, love, love the Imagine the more I use it.  I really don't like the "canned" cards that are almost premade but I do love breaking the pieces apart with layers and using them the way I choose.  It's also very fast.  You can go do a card such as this one in about 10 minutes which is great when a teen is doing the card!!  I added the chipboard flower, the 16 is pink glitter paper cut on multi-cut and added Glossy Accents--my newest love in the craft world.

The embossing is a sizzix birthday pack that has small large and border art in the pack for $9.99.  Of course I used my 50% off coupon and did not pay full price :) The embossing pack actually has almost the exact bird in the pack!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Card for the Hubby! & I posted a Challenge.

After making Waffles for breakfast, cleaning, bringing in a few loads of wood and shoveling about 12 inches of snow we took down the Christmas decorations and put them up in the attic (I say we because my husband did help take down the decorations however with his surgery he could not shovel, haul wood or climb attic steps).  Then I hung out with my girls, went back out to shovel the next 8 inches of snow AND the 4 feet of 50lb blocks the snow plow man nicely left for me in front of my entire driveway.  Luckily my neighbor with his big snow plow came over and did my side and my daughters side (ummm, guess he doesn't like the hubby??--or he was just tired at that point)came inside, warmed up,  beat my husband at Millionaire a few times and finally...FINALLY retreated to my craft room for what should have been a day full of just me time to continue organizing it after the big move back in. I did get all my labels updated with my Dymo.  I put some things in a different order that made a little more sense (however change and moving things in MY room kinda makes me nervous).......and then I did a card for his birthday.  The card will say more........oh but that will be "private" if you know what I mean.  So I will show you what you can see.  And yes, the words do imply....."wink wink".

I used the Nifty Fifties Cartridge and the Imagine to make this card.  Sorry Expression, you were left out this time!!  The base of the card is Bazzill A7 Card.  The picture is blah...but I do think I am going to Glossy accent the inside of the card letters and the Blue on the car.........might do that tonight!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SnOw DaY! And my room is READY!

I am soooooooooooooo happy my room is back together!  I sent a text message challenge to my Cousin Wendy and to my SDaughter Stephanie to create something today.  And I also posted a newbie challenge on the message boards for more fun. 

I am going to throw a pot roast in the pressure cooker, put some more wood in the wood stove and head down to my room to play.  I wanted to Skype Wendy today but I cannot find the camera for the computer, bummer.  I have one more place to check in the garage before I give up... I KNOW I have that camera somewhere.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uggghhh!! My craft room is tore apart!!

Woke up on Friday and took a shower only to have all the pipes in the house rattle and shake.  Panic stricken because our house has flooded 4 times in the past 5 years I ran to my craft room with my DH in tow helping me remove everything from the room.  You see the craft room is located in what used to be a laundry room.  So it is a smaller room and it has the water heater, a utility sink (which is very handy) with a custom wood cover to put the Expression on. BUT it also has the pipes that lead to the 3 head outside shower.  The valve is not shutting off properly and there is a small drip from the cold water outside.  I am very worried it will freeze and back up into the house and bust ( probably because my house in PA had this happen and right after I installed all new berber carpet and built the boys bedrooms we had 3 feet of water in the basement).  So to protect my stuff I moved it all out.

 Now this probably sounds like no big deal.......but the "room" outside my craft room was actually a garage that we just sealed off this year to stop the flooding and it does not have walls, or a ceiling...or heat or a floor so it's really really cold outside of my room!!! The plumbers can't come until Tuesday, for one and Thursday for the other so I am bummed.  :(  I think I am going to go down and just move back in enough stuff to do a few projects....that won't be much right?  I mean seriously how much stuff do you need to do one project?  LOL--- DH is rolling his eyes probably out of their sockets right now.

OH, but just to add to my last sentence up there.  Guess who jumped in the car and drove me to Michael's in CT as soon as I got home from work yesterday because my s daughter told me about the $9.99 Michaels sale and she was bummed everything was sold out?  MY DH! He shopped in Michael's with me,and then he went to A.C.Moore where he helped me use a coupon to get 50% off a second 5x7 stack!! And extra ATG tape and a few sheets of pretty paper---of course. He got dinner out of it of course, but it was fun having him along.  He is very supportive of my hobby!

I love this card!

I bought some new A7 Bazzill Basics cards the other day with my 50% off coupon at A.C.'s and I just love them.  The size, the weight, everything.

                                                    The video is for my cousin.  It's a newbie video!!
As part of the Cricut Circle New Years Challenges we are to use cartridges we have but have not used.  I do not have a ton of cartridges, but I am a bit ashamed that I have unused cartridges.  My s.daughter Stephanie was here January 2nd and I used From My Kitchen for the first time.  Then I used Nifty Fifties to make this card.  I used Forever Young to bling my Expression.  I need to use: Lori's Garden, Old West, Smiley Cards, Printing Press, Blackletter, French Manor, Songbird and Sweet Treats?  (Not the font one, the die cut treats one--I don't have this one yet Stephanie picked it up for me for $9.99!! because my Michaels had already sold out of it). Hmmm, I hope that is all but I think there is another one I need to use.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This was a layout I designed for my Bday

Hey all,

I didn't get around to doing this layout until the other night but I actually designed it about a month ago.  I had to calibrate my Imagine and I was using a clock diecut.  I decided to save the diecuts and make something with them when it dawned on me to make "time flies".  So my layout only says "The older I get" and implies "time flies".  Which is very true! At least for me.
I hope you enjoy it. 


Techniques used:
Polarized, Sepia and Black White printing.
Imagine Clock with Glossy Accents
Wings from Indie Art and I believe Gypsy Wanderings
Font All Mixed Up
Sewing on both the top and bottom of the black
IRock Gems

Embossing 101 for Wendy !!

Heya Cous!!
Glad to hear you are excited to get the Xyron.  Any size you choose you will love so you really can't go wrong.
Here is a quick video with embossing.  Enjoy.

Time to Redo the Bling on the E !!

Since I got some new cartridges I decided it was time to re-bling the E.  Next will be the I.  I think she looks Fabulous!!!  I used the IRock on the Crown.  What's a Jewel without her crown.  After all I am the often imitated, never duplicated JazzyJewel penned name on the Internet in 1998 !! Since then many have followed.  I have since shortened to JJewel. My husband calls me JJ or J.  :)

Love the Gypsy Font!!! And I promised to use carts I have not used yet and Forever Young and Indie Art were two of them!  <wink>  Few more unused to go.

Imagine has a Home, Finally!!!

Well, My husband who is off work for surgery on his knee still managed to fulfill my Christmas wish.  He built a shelf addition in my scrap room to hold my imagine machine in a permanent location.  She is no longer hiding outside the room on the table peering inside all lonely!  I stll need to cover it properly.  Will probably use pleather for now I have a nonslip shelf liner.  I will need to modify my curtain to move over.  I did just buy a nice 3 shelf Orange plastic container to hold some more goodies.  It was on sale for $5 since it was Orange!! My luck because that is the color I would have wanted for my mango, lime and summer squash yellow room!  I have attached some pictures!