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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love this card!

I bought some new A7 Bazzill Basics cards the other day with my 50% off coupon at A.C.'s and I just love them.  The size, the weight, everything.

                                                    The video is for my cousin.  It's a newbie video!!
As part of the Cricut Circle New Years Challenges we are to use cartridges we have but have not used.  I do not have a ton of cartridges, but I am a bit ashamed that I have unused cartridges.  My s.daughter Stephanie was here January 2nd and I used From My Kitchen for the first time.  Then I used Nifty Fifties to make this card.  I used Forever Young to bling my Expression.  I need to use: Lori's Garden, Old West, Smiley Cards, Printing Press, Blackletter, French Manor, Songbird and Sweet Treats?  (Not the font one, the die cut treats one--I don't have this one yet Stephanie picked it up for me for $9.99!! because my Michaels had already sold out of it). Hmmm, I hope that is all but I think there is another one I need to use.


  1. This is adorable. (I didn't see the video that was mentioned attached to this post,though... am I missing something?) Love your blog... super cute stuff!

  2. No I had a video failure :( I am redoing the upload to you tube now. I haven't been able to direct upload to the blog.

  3. Absolutely love this card!!! I missed it though - what is the size of the A7 card?