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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ahh the fun continues.......More Cards!

As I said, busy season for Bdays and Cards!!

                                                This is my take on a card in the Cricut Magazine
                I don't have a scallop edge cutter so I used small bottlecap and traced it and cut it out

                                             I love making this cupcake !! It's my new Favorite

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet 16 Cards

This is going to be a busy year of Sweet 16's !!

I designed these on my Gypsy and cut them out on my I.  The one card with the green 'sweet' I did a little old school with my Quickutz hand tool. 

The background paper on the cards is Bazzill Canvas Texture printed off the Imagine Yummy Cartridge.  All of the die-cuts are also Yummy.  I just love this cartridge! 

Martha Stewart Super Fine Glitter, Glossy Accents and Imaginesce jewels for accents.

Enjoy!! Leave a comment if you have time.

Card #1 for Laura

Card #2 for Tiffany

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First YourStoryPhoto Project

My Daughter had some friends over this past Saturday to hang out and get ready for a Sweet 16 Party they were all going to.  I grabbed my camera for some shots of the girls all dolled up and decided this would be a great little photo book!  I was hoping to get some pictures of the girls at the actual party but after "stalking" as my daughter put it 5 of her friends profiles on Facebook no one had any pictures of the party up yet.  Really?  Because these kids have their smartphones glued to their hands so I was shocked not to see pics on Facebook. 

Since I only had 11 pictures I mounted them all on cardstock and it filled the book nicely.  I would say the little 4x7 covers hold 23 4x6 photos by themselves or 12 on cardstock very nicely. *24 if you put pics front and back on the cardstock*

Images are from Imagine Better Together. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

National Craft Month

Well it is that time again.  March Madness for Crafters! 

The new Circle Magazine is out and it is amazing.  The designers put so much in this issue that I can't wait to print it out and use some of their tips and tricks. 

I have added to my Imagine Cartridge Collection since the prices are going up I am so glad that I got mine for average $18.  My lowest was $10 and highest was $26.  I have Kate's Kitchen, Yummy, Imagine More Art, Imagine More Cards, Nursery Tails, Best Friends, Better Together, Audrey, Elise, Blossom, Country Carnival, Mr. Frosty, Snow Angel, Snapshot Nature !! I had Blast Off and sold it before I even opened it.  It really didn't appeal to me. The only ones I am thinking of getting at this point are Hopscotch and Berries and Cream.  

I have also added a few regular carts since January: Nate's ABC's, Boys will be Boys, Sports Mania, Lite Savory, Life's a Beach, Sweet Treats, Straight from the Nest and StoryBook. 

I didn't buy anything for craft month except for the ink at HSN that was only $19.99 for the color or the black, but those are necessities!! And I did get the YourStoryPhoto-- which was cheaper than buying the refills for the YourStory.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Card

This is a card I made for my Brother and Sister-In-Law for the birth of their beautiful baby girl.  I love this paper that I found, it's so feminine.  The dress and the circle are from the Imagine Nursery. 
I used the negative on the inside of the card.  

Imagine/Gypsy Update!

I did the updates and they went through without a hitch!! The updates were long and the process to add the Imagine Carts to the Gypsy took a little bit of time also but they are done!!

My calibration issue is fixed and I am so super excited that it cuts like it did before the first update ruined my calibration. 

This project is simple but I did it with the Gypsy and the Imagine!! My girlfriend picked me up at my house and whisked me away to a night out of the house. She pushed me in the wheelchair and we played a little slots, grabbed some food and went to play Bingo!! It was so nice of her.  I made this card this afternoon to Thank her!

 I used the Xyron to glitter the saucer, the hearts, the large background and the hearts.  I used glossy accents on the "a latte" part.  I used a background paper from blossom or Lori's Garden (can't remember which) to layer it on, on top of the cardbase.  The picture quality is a little off since I could not use my flash in my craft room because it washes everything out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cool Beans......

Well, I created my banner!! Cute huh!  

I sold my Lori's Garden cartridge on Ebay because even though the artwork was very pretty it printed very muted and pastel.  I'm not a huge pastel person so with the proceeds of that one cartridge I bought.....Imagine More Cards, Imagine Yummy and Imagine Better Together, Imagine Audrey, Imagine Mr. Frosty, Imagine Snow Angel, Nate's ABC's, Sweet Treats and  Imagine Blast Off. Definitely worth selling the cartridge for.  If I ever want it back when the price drops I can always re-buy it.  But I doubt that I am going to miss it since I have plenty of carts with trees, birdcages and butterflies. 

My circle cartridge for the third quarter came the other week and it's called Everyday Cricut.  I love the phrases on the cartridge!! I did sell Shall We Dance, but I am going to keep this one.  I have not seen the next cartridge and I am hoping it's Amazing.  

Hopefully I will be able to get down to the craft room soon.  I had my daughter bring up my Gypsy and cables so I am hoping to update it for the new Imagine update this weekend.  They promised to have it up by Friday, but it was not there on Friday.  I have not checked yet today-- *fingers crossed*  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Had my Surgery...........

I had my surgery on my foot yesterday, March 1st and I am unable to go to my craft room because it is downstairs. :(  I am however going to have my daughter bring up some pictures to go through and organize and I am going to bring up the crafter's companion and put the dvd in and see if I can try to learn how to make the thicker envelopes for pop up cards.  She goes sooooooooooo fast!!!! 
I tried when I first got it to make a few boxes and they didn't look as crisp and professional as hers. I do believe I will be able to make the bows that she makes though!! 

So my projects will be a little slowed down for a few weeks :(  Hopefully will be back posting projects in about 7 days or so!! 

I am editing this to add the Explosion Box that I made from my Crafter's Companion.  Now, please ignore the colors because I was using "practice paper".  You know how that goes, the paper that is leftover.