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Thursday, March 17, 2011

First YourStoryPhoto Project

My Daughter had some friends over this past Saturday to hang out and get ready for a Sweet 16 Party they were all going to.  I grabbed my camera for some shots of the girls all dolled up and decided this would be a great little photo book!  I was hoping to get some pictures of the girls at the actual party but after "stalking" as my daughter put it 5 of her friends profiles on Facebook no one had any pictures of the party up yet.  Really?  Because these kids have their smartphones glued to their hands so I was shocked not to see pics on Facebook. 

Since I only had 11 pictures I mounted them all on cardstock and it filled the book nicely.  I would say the little 4x7 covers hold 23 4x6 photos by themselves or 12 on cardstock very nicely. *24 if you put pics front and back on the cardstock*

Images are from Imagine Better Together. 



  1. Very fun. I sort of wish I had kept mine!!

  2. What a sweet project! I still have not opened the YourStory from a few months ago. Thanks for the cute project idea!

  3. this is too cute, I have a Your Story a well and have never opened it

  4. Very nice book. I bought a YourStory when it was on sale, but I haven't used it yet. There's just not enough free time in a day. Someday I'll get to play.