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Monday, July 31, 2017

New Facebook Group!

If you love Glamping, Vintage Camping or Vintage Collecting join my group!
It is place to share your newest or oldest finds!  Share you camping setup!  Get inspired or learn a new skill from others.

Pop-Ups, Tent Campers are welcome as well.  I tent camped for many years and have had many Pop-Ups!  Love them all.

Do you collect Pyrex, Fire King, Mid-Century Modern (just to name a few)? Come share your love and maybe inspire someone else to collect as well.

Selling, Buying, Trading is allowed. Use the "Sell Something" option under ...More.

Hope to see you do a Facebook search  "Vintage Campers Glampers Collecting"

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rally Time ! Peppermint Park

We went to our first Vintage Rally!  Peppermint Park, Plainfield, CT.  Beautiful large camping sites, small family run campground.  Nice clean pool. Had a great time and met some wonderful people.  The weather was not the best, but not the worst it has been this year either.

I don't have an awning yet <have to pay off the current repairs bill first>.  Still trying to decide on material and colors also.  It is such an overwhelming process to get the "perfect" awning!  Isn't the Diamond Plate amazing!  Changed out the side seams from black to white in the chrome.  Love the bright white over the previous black!

    This Rally I went with the Elephant curtains and Bedspread....

Original atomic star wall mount light was given a brand new socket and the crack repaired the best I could.

Of course vintage handmade tablecloth and matching cloth napkins.  Vintage pyrex, Bean pots on windowsill...
Love the Backsplash!  (SpeedTiles Home Depot)  Found the copper canisters at GoodWill.

Love my cute little alarm clock.  Painted it to match.   Still so sad over the refrigerator.  I'm just going to hold off this year and figure that out next year.

Bernie is looking at a little larger camper this Friday (fingers crossed) but it needs a ton of work.  The underbelly looks good--but they painted it <gasp> with house paint and did not do even a decent job. They painted the lights, the levels, gobs and gobs of paint all over it.  So sad.