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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cool Beans......

Well, I created my banner!! Cute huh!  

I sold my Lori's Garden cartridge on Ebay because even though the artwork was very pretty it printed very muted and pastel.  I'm not a huge pastel person so with the proceeds of that one cartridge I bought.....Imagine More Cards, Imagine Yummy and Imagine Better Together, Imagine Audrey, Imagine Mr. Frosty, Imagine Snow Angel, Nate's ABC's, Sweet Treats and  Imagine Blast Off. Definitely worth selling the cartridge for.  If I ever want it back when the price drops I can always re-buy it.  But I doubt that I am going to miss it since I have plenty of carts with trees, birdcages and butterflies. 

My circle cartridge for the third quarter came the other week and it's called Everyday Cricut.  I love the phrases on the cartridge!! I did sell Shall We Dance, but I am going to keep this one.  I have not seen the next cartridge and I am hoping it's Amazing.  

Hopefully I will be able to get down to the craft room soon.  I had my daughter bring up my Gypsy and cables so I am hoping to update it for the new Imagine update this weekend.  They promised to have it up by Friday, but it was not there on Friday.  I have not checked yet today-- *fingers crossed*  

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