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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uggghhh!! My craft room is tore apart!!

Woke up on Friday and took a shower only to have all the pipes in the house rattle and shake.  Panic stricken because our house has flooded 4 times in the past 5 years I ran to my craft room with my DH in tow helping me remove everything from the room.  You see the craft room is located in what used to be a laundry room.  So it is a smaller room and it has the water heater, a utility sink (which is very handy) with a custom wood cover to put the Expression on. BUT it also has the pipes that lead to the 3 head outside shower.  The valve is not shutting off properly and there is a small drip from the cold water outside.  I am very worried it will freeze and back up into the house and bust ( probably because my house in PA had this happen and right after I installed all new berber carpet and built the boys bedrooms we had 3 feet of water in the basement).  So to protect my stuff I moved it all out.

 Now this probably sounds like no big deal.......but the "room" outside my craft room was actually a garage that we just sealed off this year to stop the flooding and it does not have walls, or a ceiling...or heat or a floor so it's really really cold outside of my room!!! The plumbers can't come until Tuesday, for one and Thursday for the other so I am bummed.  :(  I think I am going to go down and just move back in enough stuff to do a few projects....that won't be much right?  I mean seriously how much stuff do you need to do one project?  LOL--- DH is rolling his eyes probably out of their sockets right now.

OH, but just to add to my last sentence up there.  Guess who jumped in the car and drove me to Michael's in CT as soon as I got home from work yesterday because my s daughter told me about the $9.99 Michaels sale and she was bummed everything was sold out?  MY DH! He shopped in Michael's with me,and then he went to A.C.Moore where he helped me use a coupon to get 50% off a second 5x7 stack!! And extra ATG tape and a few sheets of pretty paper---of course. He got dinner out of it of course, but it was fun having him along.  He is very supportive of my hobby!

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