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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comic Relief for the Day.............

One time at band camp............. Remember the scene where Jim had the accident with the super glue?  Yeah.  Well that stuff does bond INSTANTLY to skin. My husband was renovating my scrap room to give my Imagine a permanent location and the shim kept slipping and he almost drilled my finger.  Escaping with just a blood blister I decided to get the super glue to hold the shim in place rather than my fingers.  Yeah, well the brand new tube of super glue split down the seam and instantly bonded my fingers to the tube to which I yelled "oh no I'm glued what do I do!!"  I ripped the tube off with my left hand now adding glue to those fingers and quickly spread them apart and held them up in the air so as not to glue anything else to me.  I tried Goo Gone.......does not work...then tried some gasoline....does not work.  I had to let it dry and it feels sooooooo weird :(  I have 8 glued fingertips :(   Imagine my Dismay............. I do have some new projects to add but when my fingers are less sore. 


  1. I just saw that you posted on my ornaments on the circle blog. here is the link of the video if you still wanted to see it

    now for your 8 least you were only stuck to your self...years ago when I did nails something simular happened when I opened a new nail glue (ie.super glue) except I got stuck to a client! good times :) your blog is cute...I'm not following
    liz :o)