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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wow! These books are super nice and the paper they use is amazing. It is so nice and thick and sturdy! They came today at work and I showed my co-worker who fell in love with the Lime Green one! I got Orange and Lime and I must say the Lime is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I am a bit sad about the lack of coolness to the papers in the Orange one... bummer.

I got a ton of accessories and can't wait to play the You-Tube video for my daughters and give them their stash to do what they want with them. My one daughter is heading to College and the other to 11th Grade. I think these no rules type scrapbooks are going to be so much fun for them to look back on years from now.


  1. so can not get hooked on these, but so intriguing.can not wait to see what you do

  2. Both of the girls took them!! They love them. My daughters friend gave me the money to buy one for her and her cousin. They are all so excited about somewhere to put movie tickets and "junk". It would cost more than $12.99 to make one with the thick quality of paper!