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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm SEW proud of myself.......

I am not a sewer. Not yet at least. I have done a few straight stitched items here and there. Never an actual project. I cannot read a pattern as I do not understand the lingo. I have a very nice sewing machine with a ton of feet and accessories (thank you HSN for your "easy" payments) that I will never probably use, and are still sealed in their package. Don't get me wrong, I do hope to learn to use these feet! But I will need a very patient instructor that speaks "Sewing for Dummies". I have had this sewing machine for almost 3 years and until I started sewing on cards and layouts it sat unused.

Alas, my lonely sewing machine has been used!! And used for a full project! Yeah Me!! I am now confident and fluent at changing the bobbin and the thread. One fear conquered! I used one of my kids stockings as a guide and I cut my fleece out by hand in the general shape of a stocking leaving room to pin and sew. The red part of the stocking was easy and came together well. The white on the stocking was not as seamless and pretty--there are mistakes but that's OK because this is my first project!

I love the Crafty Gemini Blog! She is amazing and I will be making her cosmetic/wristlets this weekend. If all goes well they will be Xmas presents for the 3 girls in their stockings!


  1. You did a great job on this project!! It is adorable!

  2. Hey, that's great for your first try. I also have an unused lonely sewing machine. I might use it one day when I figure out how to thread it! :-)

  3. So cute...laughing about your machine...I have a very simple sewing machine...and it scares me. ;)