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Monday, January 2, 2012

Project for Michael's Classes in Jan & Feb

Getting ready for Valentine's Day!  I am not a huge Valentines person in that I do not need to be wined and dined nor do I need flowers on one particular day of the year.  But I do think it's a cute day for young kids and teens.  I'm very happy with how this turned out and since it's all my own materials and not materials that were store used to me, I might just keep this one for my daughter and her boyfriend and make another similar for class.  She did keep it!!

In the class we do not use the chipboard and I did use chipboard for the front and back cover of this particular album.  I really like the way the chipboard adds to the album's sturdiness!  I do love making these mini-albums as they are instant gratification!  I hope you enjoy the pictures! 


Second Album:  This will be display! 


  1. Wow! What a wonderful book. I am sure after you fil this with photos you will treasure this little book for a life time! TFS