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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little Help from a Friend!

Ahhh, Liz V posted on the board about the Creative station she found at J's for $34.97 and I checked out the picture and thought--wow that's a great deal!  I have been wondering what to spend my $20 gift card from Kelsey on at J's and heck that made it $18.00 with tax!  Even better.

I grabbed one on my lunch break with my co-worker who also got one for her sewing station!

I had a doctor appt and then came home around 7:00 ish to an empty house.  I just couldn't let it sit in the car so I slid it out and "walked" it to the door and "walked" it up two steps into the kitchen--it weighs 88 lbs so lifting was out of the question.  I took the pieces out of the box upstairs and carried them downstairs and laid them out for assembly.  Step 1 was easy, Step 2 was a little challenging on my own but nothing I couldn't handle! The rest was a piece of cake.

I was going to put it on wheels for my girls so they could store their stuff on it--(was)--but then after measuring it I realized it would fit perfect in my craft room if hubby removed the shelf he made that I never really finished.  So he is going to take that shelf down this Thursday and I will move it in there.  He did come home as I was doing my drawers and I asked him to cut a piece of 3 inch plywood to add the wheels to, but then I decided to nix that and I had him cut the wood down a little more to put inside end to end to stop the sway.  I am also going to sturdy up the drawers with some trim wood from another project.  I am super excited for the price I paid for this--it is not worth in my opinion the $199.00 price tag but I would say easily worth $69.99.


  1. Boy, you are FAST! Already built?

  2. This is just so cool! Congrats on finding that deal!

  3. That was an amazing find...wish I had room for one. I thought about it, but really have no where to put it.

  4. Congrats on finding this storage treasure!

  5. My store sold out of all their storage stuff fast! It looks great.

  6. thanks for the pic.My pledge to visit blogs.