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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wine Bottle Decor

I just love Pinterest!  I have found so many interesting ideas and recipes on that site!. 
I came across a pin for a holiday centerpiece that was made using wine bottles, white spray paint and Epsom Salts.  I loved the idea.  The bottles were very icy and wintery.  

I do save wine bottles but usually only the really pretty ones.  I grabbed six bottles and headed downstairs to paint them and decided I could not bare to cover up the beautiful colors!  I decided to use spray adhesive and Epsom Salts so as to let the beauty of the bottle show through.  

I had planned on lighting the bottles from the inside with battery operated lights--however--no battery lights fit in the bottles.  I wish I had tried the lights before I sprayed them because I would have used the other trick on Pinterest to cut the bottoms off of the bottles to put the lights or flameless candles under the bottles!  

I am going to redo the bottles for next year and take the bottoms off, but for this year they will stay the way they are.  I have two centerpieces, both are different. 


  1. very fun...I am with you pinterest is awesome

  2. Wow! These turned out awesome! Perfectly frosty and festive! I am working to curb my pinterest addiction. I could live there.hahaha

    Merry Christmas!