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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Secret Circle Sister Box!!!

Merry Christmas! 
I received my Circle Sister box and I finally got to open it!! It was from California Rose (Sophie)!! 
Let me just say that I was in awe of the way she filled the box.  She added so many cute notes and personal touches!  I have never been in a swap before and I am taking notes for next year!!  I just love everything she put in the box and am looking forward to experimenting with Glitter Glass, Glimmer Mist, Ribbons and mini tins!  I am so inspired by the "Queen of Lists" tin she made for me.  My girls are crazy over it and it's very close to Christmas but I might be able to squeeze out three of those this weekend for the girls to put in their stockings since they wanted mine so bad!! 

I just adore her Stocking!! Very creative and the colors are fabulous.  I really enjoy home decor, altered art and mini albums and such.  I hit a bump in my scrapbooking due to feeling overwhelmed by work and all.  It seems more relaxing to work on a project rather than stress over a bazillion pictures that I just can't decide between! I want to do more cricut sewing projects and tote bags and such in the near future.  I will be using the canvases she included very soon!   

Queen of Lists tin
Directions!! Calling Card!! Pocket Calendar!! Clip

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