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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Imagine has shipped!!

With a whole lot of craziness and some "I" will be here Monday.  If you didn't already hear on the community blogs my "I" was cancelled by HSN on the day it was to ship on a technical error.  They refused (2 Supervisors) to re-open my order and send me the "I" for the original price.  That was my breaking point :( I was crushed.  My husband suggested I give them 1 more chance as I was parental blocking the channel on my cable box...and I got ahold of Krissy!!! An angel in white with a halo that glows pure gold.  She made it all right and the world was once again a wonderful place to be.  Thank you, Thank you Krissy with a K.  I called the supervisor line to leave a comment on how great she handled the situation.  

Please remember to call and report to a company when someone does you right!! So many will complain, but so few will take the time to compliment.  It does matter!! Companies do recognize the employee at employee meetings and such.  So Pay It Forward.  My challenge to you this week is make at least one phone call, email or comment to a supervisor expressing the Great Service you received.  Leave a comment here!! 

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