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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wow, Middle of May Already??

Saturday is my daughter's Senior Prom and before you know it she will be graduated and off to college on June 19th.  My how fast they grow. 

My Expression 2 is finally updated and I made my first cut.  I did a small vinyl bird (4 inches) to put under the pictures my daughter gave me on Mother's Day for my new bedroom!! Her favorite color is blue so the birdie is blue.  I guess it will be my way to remember when she is gone that a little birdie once told me I love you everynight before going to bed!

I also updated the Imagine and the a lot of updating. 

We are working on our bathroom downstairs that was flooded out 4 times so we have been very tired and busy from all the tile work.  I cannot wait for it to be done because my knees and back are too old for this stuff anymore!! LOL

I will have pics of the Prom Dress here on Saturday and hopefully pics of a mostly done bathroom by then also!!