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Monday, December 5, 2011

I am soooooo BAD !

I have done a few projects and I have not taken any pictures of them to post on here.  I had made a goal to be more active but it does not seem to be working out for me right now!  

I am in the middle of 3 home Decor projects and I promise to take pictures and post!  I got the idea from Scrapalette on the Circle Boards!!  

I usually wrap the pictures in certain rooms with gift wrap and ribbon and bows to match whatever theme I am doing for that year but this time I changed it up a little so you still see the frame!  Hoping it all works out.  If it does I will post pictures this week! 

On the non-crafting side of my life:  The Chariho Cowboys were Division II Football Champions and went on to win the Superbowl this past Sunday, December 5th.  They are now the Division II State Champions!  Way to Go Chargers!!  And since the boys had an extended season the Cheerleaders also benefited from an extended season!  

The weather for the games has been pretty darn good this year and the girls looked great at Half-time!  I love going to the games and watching my daughter Cheer.  This was the first year it was only 1 daughter.  :(  Next year will be my last year.  Already sad!  Here's hoping the Chargers have another great season next year after losing 19 Seniors!  

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