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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Charm Swap!

How much fun the charm swap was!  I was so amazed at the Charms that I received.  I will step-it-up a notch next time now that I can see what all can be done to Shrinky Dinks!!  

I have some  pictures of what I have used some of them for.   I used all the shrinky dink ones that were about the same size on a bracelet.  I will add some beads to it also when I get some time! 

I used a pink and white circle charm shaped like a tag with beads as a zipper pull on my cricut bag.  I used another antique button charm on my Slice bag zipper pull, I used two charms on my stylus' (only one pictured).
  My daughter took the Peace sign one for her backpack zipper pull.  Two Bottle caps are magnets on my refrigerator--one is a necklace sent by our host and it will stay a necklace!! 

I saved all of the tags you attached your charms to and made a page for my Smashbook! 


  1. Adorable! I will have to try SDs one day.


  2. What a fun piece of jewelry! Your charms are wonderful!

  3. I love your excited to see my charm. :)