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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pilgrim Pines

     Went away with the girls on our annual Scrapbook retreat in NH.  Had a great weekend.
I managed to make a few projects for Star.

     I made a napkin holder (two sided)  I am working on customizing this file; for one they had the tire on the outside--no camper has tires on the outside!! they are tucked under.  I added the door frame and changed the window.  I have since slimmed the chrome of the window down to the width of the door and changed the shape of the windows to square along with adding windows to match Star. I still need to change the outside shape as this is a little more rounded about hitch.  My goal is to end up with a replica of Star.

A Reversible Banner:  For inside bunk area.

     I didn't get around to making the outside banner or lights yet, but they are on the list of many to-do's. 

     My son is looking at a 1970 16' Shasta this weekend.  It would be cool if he gets one to re-do.  Since he has more expendable income than I do, I am sure he could have his done quicker than mine will be!!  I did find someone who will re-porcelain the stovetop for $82.50! (once I can get it done)

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