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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Moon and my Mistake

     Ok, first my mistake.  I locked my keys in Star last night!!  I couldn't remember if we had gotten two keys or one with the new lockset, hubby said one.  I thought "oh shit" I need to pack for the Rally and finish making the curtains and redo the bed and on and on...  I looked for quite a while for the keys while two ladies D & S were looking at Moon.
     After they left I decided to look for a spare and Thank you God!! There was a spare key.  I saw the tag with my name on it and immediately knew it had to be Star's! I opened her up and sure enough under the cushions and pile of crap on the table the keys were there.  I will make 2 more copies tonight and put one in each of the vehicles glove boxes for emergencies!  An extra key at home when you are at a campground will not help.  :)

Moon--  Happy Face/Sad Face
     After a little less than a month Moon will be leaving us.  But the only good part is the new owner is going to keep doing the reno and would like some help!  So I will still get to play and watch the transformation! D & S are super nice ladies and I know they will have a blast on their reno journey! Hubby will deliver him Wednesday when he gets home from Pittsburgh.
     I know it is for the best, I really can't work on three at a time.  I keep dividing my time and that just means no one project is getting finished but I saw the most opportunity for customization and change in Moon compared to the other smaller units.

Just like that my solar system got a little smaller.  I doubt there will be another "Moon" for a while.  Unless I take out a loan to buy that Trolley!!  (My dream camper!)

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