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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Husband found this Prowler

     I came home from work and my husband told me to get into the car we were going to go look at "something."  He proudly showed me his "find."  A rather needy looking camper with a great floorpan to recreate any way we wanted.  They didn't have the keys that night so we had to go back the next evening.  We settled on a price and brought him home.  Has to be male right?  I mean look at the color.
     We have done a ton of the "nasty work" pulling out the furniture that was basically destroyed.  We are about to start on removing the water, propane and sewer lines to get the rest of the inside emptied out.  I am pretty sure at this point my garbage men dislike me!
     I have named him Moon. He has a fancy longer name, but I will post that later after the remodel.  It seems my husband has slacked off on remodeling Moon and has even asked me to post him for sale.  😳😞 I get that he is "older" and he has been in a lot of pain from all the bending over and pulling out furniture and such...BUT we are almost done with the hard part.  I did post him for sale-- but whether or not anyone buys him is a different story.  Most people are afraid of projects like Moon.  So I keep working on him each night.  We planned on a one year time frame for the reno being just the two of us (not young) folks.  We will see how it all works out!

How We Found Him:

The paint is coming off with Citristrip Paint
Stripper.  It is actually easier than I thought.
Right now I am concentrating on getting the hardware off the windows so I can pull them out.

The bottom front of the camper will be replaced
with Diamond Plate like I did on Star.  Once the paint is stripped and then sanded we will decide on a color.  Probably going to do something that matches the Jeep with a shiny finish.  I am not a fan of this matte look.

We had to use a car jack to get him on the car.  Every camper I get has a broken jack!!

   The cabinets were all sticky and really dirty.
   The "Dinette" was cut down for them to add a wood stove.
   I am going to move the Dinette to the Front with all the
   windows and a nice U shaped seating area.  The table will
    fold down to make a very large bed in the front for two
   adults.  It will seat 6 adults to play games/cards when weather
   is crappy.

    Where the dinette is now will be a couch (gaucho bed) with
   overhead cabinets. This will function for seating and another

    Changing the configuration will allow for a Flatscreen TV
    to be mounted and visible from couch and new dinette area.
    I am going to do a ceiling mount drop down/swivel.

After Furniture removed: 

   Oh the possibilities!!
The Bathroom:     I am going to take the shower out.  I really don't think I would ever shower in a camper.  This will make the bathroom roomier and give me space to add a small closet for towels and toiletries.  

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