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Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Deal--Not Cricut, Don't be a Hater!! Ha Ha

I just love a bargain.  I was in A.C Moore's looking for bargain items and checking out the Cuttlebug when I turn around to see a display of Sizziz with this little purse looking embosser (not die cutter).  It was priced at $34.99 and since I have my EVO (What can You do on the First 4 G Network?? I can search out coupons!) I pulled up my A.C.Moore local store and hit the coupon button and low and behold there is a 50% coupon starting yesterday 10/17 till the weekend on my phone.  Well I asked the scrapbook guru if they could scan the coupon on my phone and she said "No, but they can use the UPC on the coupon off your phone."  Perfect....I read the fine print..yada yada, no PC products, no this, no that.........but alas no exclusion of Sizziz.  I proceeded to the check out counter and had her see if the coupon would work and YES, victory!! The $34.99 embosser was magically $17 and change!! I got 4 cuttlebug embossing folders and my total was $38.00!!  I call that a TouchDown!! The staff was a bit shocked as usually Sizziz is excluded.............sooooooooooooo if you want to score for your team, hike your purse onto your shoulder and sprint down to your local A.C.Moore before they tape a disclaimer to their front door!!

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