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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Before Cricut

One of the circle members posted asking what we all did before Cricut.  In honor of their 5th Anniversary.  So here are some pre-cricut layouts.  I did have a Quickutz hand tool that I used at that point in time.  The alphabets were sooooooo expensive that I only have 1 alphabet and it was a mini one. 

It's fun to look back. I wouldn't change a thing on these layouts.  I love them for who I was then when I made them and I love watching the transitions of pages. 

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  1. Okay so I am just clicking into blogs when I see them on posts and I was super excited to see your Life Before Cricut blog posting... That means a lot to me that someone did this because i am the one who posted it. You totally made my day!!! Thanks so much. I am going to do a whole series of these postings..I hope you will check them out. I love your pages before Cricut!!!!