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Monday, February 6, 2012

My "little" scrap space......

In terms of scrap rooms, my space is almost non-existent!  When my husband and I built the room he offered to make it larger and include the window but I assured him I did not need that large of a room. **Yes, I do realize how wrong I was!  The room was flooded several times before we were able to remove the garage doors and stop the flooding.  Subsequently, I lost my wood floor that we had worked so hard to install (imagine installing a pergo wood floor around a water heater--yeah not fun and a lot of &*%$#) and decided not to try again.  So at this point it is painted cement with a rubber mat for standing on.

In small spaces you need to use vertical space!  My one set of shelves on the right have not been painted yet but will also be Summer Squash Yellow when weather permits.  The counter is standing height and underneath are several wheeled plastic containers all labeled with craft items that are "less used" than other items.  The items that are used on almost all projects are kept handy in the top drawer of my white craft station, on the counter, in the plastic labeled bin on the wall, in the labeled boxes on the shelf or on the magnetic holder just above my counter. I also have a wire rack that is not pictured on the wall to the left of the water heater that holds my mini albums that I purchase on sale and keep there for anyone in the house that wants to make a quick album. My husband made a wooden cover for the sanitary tub for one of my machines and when I need the tub I just pop off the wood cover.  Great for when I am doing perfect pearls or stamping cleanup! The machines fit on my counter-but I prefer them to the side of me and the counter kept for layouts and embellishments only.
My cartridges are Not in the box!!  I know--- Blasphemy of Craft proportions!!  I do have all of my boxes and they are kept nice and clean and in a sealed plastic storage bin in the attic along with all of my craft paraphernalia boxes.  But seriously.......I can grab a cartridge in seconds and use it and since I am ADD and OCD for me this is how crafting went with the boxes: 
  • Start a project
  • pull a cartridge box
  • open the box, take out the cartridge, take out the overlay, take out the booklet
  • use the cartridge for 1 cut? or a few layered cuts
  • put the cartridge back in the box, put the overlay back, put the booklet back
  • put the box back exactly where I had pulled it from since they were "in order" 
  • open the next cartridge box and start the process over
 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I spent more time pulling out and putting away then crafting.  I am very happy with my No Box choice and highly suggest you kick the box habit!! I need to get another container as my one is very full at this point! These containers are $2.19- $2.50 at Walmart and have nice sturdy snap sides. I have pulled the curtain back to take a picture below so you can see one of my rolling carts.   That is actually the smaller one angled in the corner with my stamping supplies!

I do love my little space, everything is within 1 step of me.  I used an area of the house that would have basically been wasted space and turned it into my little haven. 

Counter View- We bought the counter at Lowes and had it cut by them to fit.

Need another Shape Carts Container!

These Shelves have been painted. 

Sanitary Tub- will paint the wood base Mango!

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  1. Nice scrap space. It's so bright and cheery. I have the same craft station, but I haven't put it together yet. Looks like a lot of work. I signed up to follow your blog. Gonna try to grab your button too. (not too techy here)