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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Slice

Hello Everyone! 
I am trying to find a clearance Slice machine for my kids.  This is perfect for taking to the school for making posters and such!! 
I have 15 cartridges for my daughters and I have 4 brand new  for trading.  I just need the machine!  Anyone have any left in their area?  I know that RI, MA, CT, NH are sold out at Michael's.  I was in A.C.Moore about 4 weeks ago and they had it reduced to clearance also.  Would love the Fabrique, but any would do!

For trade: Jungle, Wedding, Music & Dance

Looking for many but especially- Sports, Under the Sea, Family Words

**Update! A circle member has located a Slice at M's! How super nice! She wanted the Bon Appetite so that is no longer available for trade as it will be going to her!! 


  1. The 2 stores I checked were also sold out here in IL..sorry I couldn't help out...I will see if any of my non blog friends got lucky for ya

  2. I'll check one of the Michael's here in Louisville. I'll let you know if I find one!

  3. Thanks Nadia!!! Wow you are up early!