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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shrinky dink a do's!

Although I have not mailed them yet.....they will go out on Saturday--I will make the deadline for the swap!  

I just love how they turned out.  I really wanted to do a Circle with the word Friends across it but to make it 1 inch was to delicate.  At 4 inches it would have shrunk to a little over 2 and been great.  

Soooo, the alternate I listed was a Crab!  I am from MD and I love MD crabs so it seems a natural choice for me.  It also works for being from RI since we have so many beaches!

My tips:  
 1.  The Toaster Oven works Amazing!!! No more oven for me.
 2.  When you watch--and you will--don't panic when after 30 seconds they shrivel and roll onto themselves...fight the urge to open the oven and flatten them as they will straighten out magically.
3. Set the timer for 4 minutes with the toaster oven at 250 degrees.  They will be done in 3 min 30 seconds but are easily ok till 4 minutes.  
4.  Place them on parchment paper to cook.  Some say use flower--I did it with and without flower on the parchment and it was no different.
5. Use the Inkjet version for computers or your Imagine.  It has a Green label.  Michaels carries it.   
My crabs.  I added jump rings to them all also.  25 in total.


  1. OMG, these are adorable and soooo fun!!! They look great!

    Hi, I'm Audrey -- thank you so much for visiting and your comment on my project at Sheila's today!

    Of course, you asked me a question and I always try to answer... lol! No, I don't spray my projects when I'm done to protect them although that's a great idea!!! I usually just find an occassion to give them all away; otherwise I'd have a house full of crafts... lol!

    I did spray the plastic spoon though with acrylic because paint doesn't adhere to plastic too well, so I did want to protect the crackle finish on that.

    Hope this answers your question, sweetie!

    Again, thanks for coming by! I'll be seeing you!

    P.S. Cute blog!

  2. P.S. I'm now a new follower too!

  3. oh I am seeing such great charms and super inspired. Great job. Great tutorial

  4. These are so cute! Thanks for the tips you included, too!!

  5. How cute is this! Shrinky dink is fun to work with! I use my heat embossing gun, too!