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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Can't I make a Decision??

I can make life decisions, decisions about my kids, my work, etc without batting an eye.  

Why oh why can't I make a decision like--covering a smashbook, choosing paper for a mini-album cover without it being some long..long..drawn out affair? It's not going to be my only smashbook or my only mini-album so it shouldn't be a big deal...uggghhhh.  

I love my Smashbook--it's fun, it's random, it doesn't have rules or hate me if I neglect it for a while and then smash stuff in....

So I did FINALLY make a decision to cover it.  I had my CT girls over for a last minute Friday night girls crop and since Liz V covered hers at her last crop I knew I had to get on the ball and make a decision!  

It's kinda funny so get this--I covered it with paper that I bought.......8+ years ago and have been coveting!  I precut and pre scored with a board and then attached with Decopage (of course my love) and then covered the entire album.  Same design on front and back. 

So.......... now I have to commit to my decorations.  I have made these flowers...... LOVE them.  Grunge paper, phone book paper and Tattered Florals Tim Holtz die in the Vagabond. 

Liz bought the Clock (Love)- and cut it on Grunge paper for me and I inked it for the cover also. 

I have not glued them on yet.....I need to figure out the best glue.. but this is probably what I am going to do.  I still will add some metal findings that will dangle on the left bottom.  I have some keys I want to attach.  I think I will use a piercing tool to go through the cover and then tie the keys on so they won't get pulled off.  

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