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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bead Swap- July 2012; My first Swap Hosting!

About 2 1/2 months ago we embarked on a journey of a bead swap in the Cricut Circle. 

The talent of the ladies in the circle just amazes, enlightens and challenges me to learn more and create to a higher level.  Everyone had a great time and our Thread was so active!!! (Scrapcat & StKittsscrapper have nothing to do with that <insert wink>).

We ended up with 3 groups of almost 20!  I finally got a chance to dig into them.  I was a little shocked to see Jill did not give me the cows Diane!!  I have 40+ new friends -(definitely not at the Post Office!! <insert cough>).

Enjoy the photos! 

I love the lampbeads!!! They are so much fun :)

more beads...not all pictured!
Group #1
                                                             Jill sorting

:) Smile.......


Enjoying the packaging!!  
My pretty packages!  Jill mis-sorted as I am missing some! Bluegrassbug for sure!

Opened finally to see the pins!! MariaR sent me a special pack of 5 pins but Jill must have missed those.  Thank you for the thought!!

I would like to say Thank you for the very nice gifts...

Bluegrassbug (left) Card & Holder w/beads **Did you make that holder?? I need to know how if you did please!- MissieTodd (right bottom & top) Card & 2 Matchbooks with 6 pins each.

(right) Package of homemade cards- misawasan

(left front)Brads &CTMH stamps-bleedingcricutgreen; (left back) Hello card-Eyelet;(middle front) Assorted beads, caps, tags- Erika (middle back) Thanks-a-Melon card-TinaW; (far right) Moo-Chas Gracias Card & Smooch Spritz- RockinRenee

(left) Note & Large Pin- Grannyemjay; (right) package of 3 beads & tag- StKittsscrapper

(left) Bookmarks, Stickers, Stamp, Pins, Card- Tiffysmom; Matchbook with pins and extra eye hooks- Marcjo

Card & Stamps (left)- gocricutgo; (middle) Blank Card & Thank you Card- NanaDonna; (back right) Smashbook -Pat Roller--this cute book is full of goodies; (right front) Giftcard- Colleen Mc

Please let me know who made this card!! The tag was lost.

Please let me know if I have missed any acknowledgements.  I had these all on the table waiting to come back from vacation! 


  1. Hi Sherry,
    Wow! The pins you made are gorgeous! And, I love the pictures you took mid-sort. Your daughter is so her mama! You got the pig! I love her! I will have to look and see if I can get my hands on another cow bead so I can send you a set for Bailey. This was one of the most fun and beautiful swaps I have ever seen. I loved hearing about your ideas for whatever you are brave enough to do next. Totally count me in as a helper if you need one. Loved meeting you tonight and spending more than 5 minutes chatting. You are such a fun, smart, kind and amazing woman. Thank goodness for the MB or I may have never have met you....even in our tiny state. Love this blog post. I get to re-live the excitement of seeing these amazing pins everyone made all over again. Everyone who participated in this did fabulous work. Thanks so much for all the work you did hosting it! Big virtual hugs, Di

  2. You are very kind!! It was great to see you also for more than 5 minutes! Your schedule is as crazy as mine :) We are definitely getting together to scrap or whatever we do! I have the 4x4 Jeep and I'm not afraid to use it! My last two BFF scrapper friends moved away on me 6 months after meeting them--and you said last night you will probably move also. Uggghh--Carpe Diem!! Don't forget I'm nocturnal so if you are in the mood to do beading after the kids go to bed.. call me!

  3. You were a great hostess!!! Where you get your energy from, I don't know but you need to bottle it and sell it!!! LOL

    It was so nice to get to know you a little better during our swap. I got to know quite a few fellow crafters.

    I had a blast!!

  4. You were a great hostess! Thank you for all you did, I really enjoyed the swap!