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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How I am wire wrapping my Bead Tendrils....


I have a video on how I am wire wrapping my bead "tendrils" <I swear that word will haunt me>.

I'm certainly not a pro... however the more I have been using this technique the faster I am getting.  I am all thumbs on the video and nervous but you will get the general idea.  All the videos I watched on YouTube they hand twisted the wires and used a tool to then make a loop---I find that to be time consuming and tedious!   I would have edited the video but I didn't have the time!  I made about 15 tendrils last night.  I do find it relaxing and fun!  I took my daughter school shopping and I hate to shop and she was born to was nice to come home and chill in front of the tv and work on my bead craft! 

*** Viewing this video you acknowledge that you will not look at my ugly camera hands or  nails !!!  How embarrassing.


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