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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vintage Camper Update

     Work has been progressing.  I must confess a couple of times during this process my stomach has done some flip flops.  It was so hard to see her up off her wheels and tilted to get to the frame.  But as time has progressed progress is being made.  The new carriage bolts were installed and the floor has been placed.  The old plywood floor was two layers with linoleum on each layer!  It was quite a task for Paul (my restoration expert).  He has been such a pleasure to work with. He is very patient with my ever changing mind! I had originally intended to pick her up and bring her home to do the work myself, but I am very thankful that I needed lights and stopped in his business.  He has some AMAZING vintage campers on his lot that he will be restoring and I would love to go up on weekends and help him.  He has a tiny silver canned ham that is absolutely to die for! Wood from top to back.  

Ok, on to some pictures.  

The ceiling had to be addressed first since it was leaking:

Getting ready to replace wood and insulation
Could not find more boards, so had to patch a little.  Still not done.

Onto the Front Window and Floors.  They had removed the exterior lights and did not seal the holes so water was coming into the camper.  More than likely also around the windows over time as they all need new rubber flaps on them.

Front Window

Demo- Have to work around the fridge! 
Nice fluffy insulation

Love the new clean floor!  Heavy duty water resistant wood.
Checking out the new flooring which won't go in until after the front and back walls are gutted, strengthened with new wood

The front and back walls.  I had asked to add an electrical socket, however I did not specify the outlet that I wanted (my fault).  I will be changing that to a ceramic socket with a silver plate cover.  Hoping to find an older one, if not I will get a new one and age it.  

Front Window/Dinette. Birch & Beadboard
New Back Window/Beadboard (lighting bad same wood as front)

The new flooring.  I really wanted the gray with the brown to match the wood but it was special order, had I known I wouldn't have put it in the weekend I bought it I would have ordered the other color.  But, the flooring is luxury vinyl plank flooring with a click lock system.  It is waterproof, scratch resistant, and cushioned to walk on.  Best part is, you can't see dirt or shoe marks when you walk across it.  Very important with my OCD, if I can't see it I can assume it is clean!  It's a shame most of the floor will be covered, but a good foundation is important.  We will be redoing the floor in my daughters pop-up during semester break this winter.  I will use the rest of this flooring in her camper.  

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