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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Getting Closer

     Getting closer to the glamping part of working on my camper!  I need to scrub up the outside, wax the paint and do a deep cleaning of the wood and cabinets.  
New electric has been run and is hidden inside the cabinet out of the way. I like knowing all the electric is updated.  Chose not to run any propane at this time.  I am not a huge fan of propane and I have never cooked in a camper/pop up.  But maybe next year I will work on water and electric.  

     Besides a lot of cleaning I really need to make a decision on the pattern I am going to use for the curtains and such.  I want a nice piece of laminate for the counter top, probably boomerang.  Since she is a White Star I am leaning towards Atomic Starburst for the pattern.  I love anything celestial.  

     I am enjoying the "collecting" part.  I have some Glasbake Honey Bean Pots on order, a 1960's tube radio, a late 1950's bed comforter and a really cool percolator. Still searching for the perfect set of eclectic dishes from the 60's and a mini chandelier. 

Front Dinette



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