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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Finally Home!

     She finally came home right before Christmas but I have not had time with classes and family obligations to work on her until a few days ago.

     The four stabilizer jacks came and she is rock solid to work on.  I washed her down with mild soap and water and started waxing the front of the camper and the back (so far).  My DH helped for a few minutes with the waxing while I cleaned out some bees nests and screening that was poking me every time I walked into the camper.

     I cleaned out the drawers and am removing the very ugly shelf paper over the stove. Bernie bought a heater for the garage to make it more comfortable to work outside.  It works great (when it stays lit), apparently "high" does not work on the heater.

     When we bought this house we were amazed at how high the garage ceilings were due to the previous owner/builder having tall trucks to store in it.  I am so blessed now to have this awesome space and high ceilings.  (about 5 feet above the camper)

My Baby!! 

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