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Monday, January 23, 2017

Windows and Screens

More cleaning.

I finally got all of the window frames out of the camper, removed all the screens and pulled out all of the staples.

I took the inside portion of the door apart today to see what I was dealing with.  I will sturdy up the door by gluing a nice fresh piece of wood into the bottom portion of the door and nailing small pieces of wood into the door frame to keep it stable.  I am going to add insulation and cover the entire inside of the door with one continuous piece of luan using the 3 existing pieces as templates.  I want a nice clean seamless look when you open the door. Most of the time while I am camping I have the door open for easy in and out.

Next step will be to sand all of the window frames.  I cracked a couple removing them until I perfected my technique of using a scraper to go between the frame and the wall and pull gently to loosen the nails. I used wood glue on those and taped them to keep tight.  I think I might put them back on using small screws rather than nails for easier removal.

 Cut myself with Staple!  Luckily I have my Tetnus Shot! 

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