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Sunday, April 23, 2017


I am so excited to finally start putting in some "homey" touches.  I am at the beginning of the process but need to post some pictures because I am so excited. 💙😜💚😊💛😍💜

Not sure why they post with wavy lines...
These are my new cushions!!  They look better in person.  They are sunbrella fabric so they will last "forever." I am so in love!  I wanted to make the cushions neutral so I can change the curtains with the holiday and seasons.  The pillows in the pictures are two sided.  Gray & white chevron on one side and teal on the other.  I'm going to iron some camper slogans on the pillows to make them cozier. 

My dining table.  1950's Flamingo Pyrex on the table!

A beautiful vintage tray, utensils and pyrex of course!
Can't forget my dog!  This is a super thick and comfy rug under the table. At night I can pull it out for her to have a super soft bed next to my bed 😘

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