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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Almost time to go Camping!

It is always exciting when you can see the "end." Although we all know you are never really "done" with a vintage camper as they always need tweaking.  But I am close to being ready for the maiden camping voyage!

Repaired the crack in this window!

       Looking through the window to the bed.  Used a pocket hole jig to make nice sturdy bed.
Tons of support and great storage! (still in process here)

Bed finished, side pieces for cell phones and such covered
in fake leather for texture and looks.  Anti-fatigue mats
over the oak plywood for comfort and mattress protection.

                             The door rebuilt!  Foam insulated and a nice one-
                              piece construction for aesthetics.  Screening
                               fresh !

Oh I had to take a pick with it looking somewhat decorated!! You know how it is ladies.  You just start getting excited to see how all the "stuff" you have collected will look.

I made the elephant curtains, but I am also in the process of making vintage curtains.  These are the fun curtains.

The pink bedspread is from the 1950's and way to big~ a lot of tucking involved.

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