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Monday, April 10, 2017

One set of Curtains are finished!  The Elephant Curtains.  I wanted to wait until I picked the upholstery for the cushions to make a decision for the "vintage curtains."  I will start out this camping season with the Elephants.

I found some AWESOME throw pillows to add some camper sayings too and also an Elephant pillow.

I will drop off my 1950's bedspread I bought at the Antique Market this weekend to be cleaned in anticipation of the bed being done this week in the camper.  I found some great vintage rose sheets a few weeks back at an estate sale!

I have three wooden box plaques that I will be adding sayings to for decorations and some cool vintage items to hang on the wall.  Everything is coming together nicely.

Yes, I could paint the walls, and have a "Glamper" and everything would look fresh and new...but I want to work with the natural wood for a while before deciding to paint over it all. I would like to retain the 1960's charm.  I love the way the inside "glows" when inside at night with the light lit.

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