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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Got a Little Surprise

Well... long story short have been having issues getting Star registered so she went to NH to have her Serial Number verified.  And while she was back up in NH I dropped her off to have her roof and side seams sealed so she will be ready to venture out of my garage to her parking spot next to the house.
So I got a pic from Big Daddy's with her new bumper! We had talked about having the old bumper removed and a new one attached.  I want to be able to attach a hitch mount receiver on it so I can put a hitch mount bike rack or extension rack to carry items.  

What a difference the new bumper makes!  The old one was crumpled, crusty, rusty and very unattractive!  They had attached "stabilizers" to the bumper.  

I'm getting down to the outside needing the front hitch sandblasted and rubber coated, front crumpled aluminum will be replaced with diamond plate and then a paint job--- but two of those are "next year" jobs.

Inside I need to decide if I am going to ever put the stove back in...If I do run propane lines I will add a catalytic heater at the same time.  And I need to decide if I'm going to set up the water.  I am leaning towards only setting up the water to work when attached to a hose.  I don't feel the need to carry potable water. I do want to redo the closet wood and kitchen cabinets with the same wood I used on the inside of my door at some point.  

          BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

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