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Saturday, June 10, 2017

She is Legal

                WOO HOO

   We are Finally Legal!  The same lady that turned me away twice (rudely) and refused to help
had to give me my tags Friday.

    Rhode Island has a few branches shut so I was at the DMV from 10 am till 5:30 pm!  As she was waiting on my I answered her with yes m'am, no m'am.  She is probably mid 20's and I know by the look on her face she was pissed I was calling her m'am (since we are not in the South where it is polite to say m'am).

    Just need to get the call from Paul that she is ready to roll!  Fingers Crossed-- Peppermint Park will be out first destination for camping with the New England and Beyond Vintage Camping group.

.......Oh and I thought this was a "next year" project.  But Bernie said he would pay for the diamond plate! (Side seams are still off in this photo) Doesn't she look spiffy!!!

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